campervan flooring install
The Road

Campervan Flooring Install

Installing the campervan flooring was fairly easy. I had a smooth, level surface to set the stick on floor tiles. The sub-floor is 7/16 OSB and the only issues were a few protruding screw heads and the area around the wheel well where I didn’t have a totally accurate cut on the plywood.

The day before, I sprayed some Rustoleum primer that was leftover from the ceiling. I’m not sure if it helped but it certainly didn’t hurt anything. I figured it might help give a better bond when I set the tiles.

Flooring Choice

campervan flooringFinding flooring is really easy. I walked through Lowe’s and there are a ton of options. I wanted to keep it simple and lightweight so I chose the stick-on flooring with a Driftwood color. The whole thing cost around 40 bucks and I have plenty of leftover tiles that can repair any broken ones in the future.

They have small squares, large squares and rectangular strips. I went with the strips figuring it’s require less trim work. I also picked up some general construction adhesive to really help lock things down.

The installation was easy and required very little time. I used my tool box and a car jack box to weight down tiles where the surface wasn’t perfectly even. The adhesive on the tiles may have been adequate but the extra layer of glue seems to have helped. Everything is staying in place nicely after a few weeks of use. I capped the edges with metal trim as well. The trim looks nice and covers some uneven ends.

camper van buildCutting the tiles is easy as well. You just score a line and run a box cutter along it once or twice. The tile will break right on that line with a little pressure. You really don’t have to cut all the way through to get a clean cut.

If I had to do it over, I don’t think I’d change anything. The locking style flooring is more rigid and looks good as well but it would require more time to install and make detailed cuts for wheel wells and corners. The stick on flooring looks great and seems like it will really last. If I didn’t have the sturdy subfloor, a different approach might have been required.

campervan floor tiles
Another view before the bed frame was installed. The camper van floor install was easy and it looks great.