camping breakfast burrito recipe
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Easy Camping Breakfast Burrito Recipe

I’m not a fan of camp dishes, especially in the morning. Making this camping breakfast burrito recipe in advance is the easy and makes your morning meal quick and easy. Dishes after dinner are not a big deal when you are winding down for the evening but breakfast is another issue.

I have a bad habit of simply not washing them as I rush to get on the river or hit the trail. Doing some advance prep has made camp cooking really easy. Pre-made breakfast burritos are one of my favorite options. They are easy to make at home, last a long time in the cooler and heat up for a quick, hearty meal at camp. Don’t forget the hot sauce and you’ll be golden.

This isn’t a recipe site and I eyeballed everything. I did about 24 eggs, a bunch of sausage and a bag of hashbrowns for 12-14 burritos.

camp breakfast burritos


  • Flour tortillas
  • Sausage or bacon
  • Hash brown
  • Jalepeno
  • Shredded cheese
  • Foil to wrap




Cooking Instructions

  1. Cook the sausage and set it aside to cool. Cooling everything before making the burritos is important.
  2. Scramble the eggs. I whipped a little cream in them as well. Do not overcook them. I left mine a little mushy and it helped them freeze nicely. Also, the eggs weren’t overdone when we heated them up in camp. Rubbery eggs will turn your gourmet burritos into cafeteria hot plate food.
  3. Cook the hash browns. I did not under-cook these. I like mine a little crunchy and made them nice and crisp. It does take forever to fully cook hash browns in a pan.
  4. Remove the seeds and dice the jalapenos.
  5. Pull out a square of foil. You could use the pre-cut squares if desired. I just cut my own and made them a little bigger than the tortilla.
  6. Lay out the tortilla and add a little of each ingredient. Fold the sides and roll it into a burrito. Wrap the foil and it’s done. I double wrapped the foil and it made a difference in camp. A single layer would work but also could tear easily.
  7. Put them in the freezer overnight.

Cooking the breakfast burritos in camp

The absolute best way to warm these up is over a fire. I like them for day 3 or so on the trip because they are fully defrosted. Set them on a grate and roll them around occasionally until they are ready. Indirect heat is ideal. You can also heat them on a stove. I had a big group and used the stove option while a few others made their way to the fire. If you do a stove, cook them on the lowest heat setting. Going to hot will burn and harden the tortilla quickly.

Personally, I could eat these every morning on a camp trip. Make a few with bacon, a few with sausage and you are covered for a longer trip. They stay well in the cooler, just keep them dry.

freezer breakfast burrito