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Fly Fishing Book Giveaway: Grab Your Free Copy

You probably noticed a popup when you first hopped on the site. I’m doing a fly fishing book giveaway with Subsurface Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout. I wrote the book during a blur of non-stop fishing in my mid-twenties. For a few years there, I was guiding around 100 days a year and fishing another 150-200. It was a ridiculously wonderful way to spend my time.

At the time, I owned a website called Nomad Fly Fishing. It was an unorganized mess, much like the book but did have some great info buried in the content. The book is extremely raw, loosely formatted and written off the cuff. There are so many things I would change after spending a few seasons in Chile and another 7 years in Montana. Hopefully I can find the time for a full rewrite at some point.

For now, the original fly fishing book is completely free and you can simply add your email to the signup form and it will automatically send over a PDF download. If for some reason you are not seeing the download option, shoot me an email and I’ll send over a copy manually.

In the book I cover AttitudeĀ and not much has changed on that end. Some people sit back and get lucky but chasing down big, wild fish requires a get after it mentality. I also cover Food and Fly Selection in Chapter 2. It’s pretty straightforward and the photos could use improvements. Reading Water, Weather and Temperature is Chapter 3. All great, relevant info.

Chapters 4 and 5 breakdown my approach to nymph and streamer fishing. Some things have changed here but I still use a good chunk of the same techniques. If anything has lost relevancy here, it’s some of the fly selection. I could do an entire book the when and why I use certain bugs.

Lastly, Chapter 6 jumps into landing, handling and releasing fish safely. It’s a solid bit of info.