fly fishing raft for sale

Fly Fishing Raft for Sale

I have an awesome fly fishing raft for sale. While I’m sad about selling this boat, I am traveling the Pan American highway for the next year or two and am taking along a small, portable raft to explore the rivers in Central and South America.

The raft is a 13′ Achilles bucket boat with a full fishing frame. It has hard floors throughout and an anchor system with a foot pedal release. The front lean bar is big and really nice for stability without the overly restricting nature of a thigh only support. The front seat is a cooler with ice packs that screw into the interior lid.

The rowers bench is a dry box and the rear seat has cup holders. It’s really easy to stand in the rear and lean on the seat if needed. Again, the floors are a hard composite throughout so you can walk around like a drift boat. The frame is 3-pieces so you could easily break it down into only a rowers frame with the cooler if you wanted to run bare-bones. It’s a flexible system but I have always run it fully assembled.

fishing raft

raft fishing frame

Raft Oars

The oars are Sawyers and they have the long, narrow fir blades. I had never used blades like this until this year and I love them. One blade is like new and the other is a little chewed but it works great. You could put a plastic cap on it if you wanted but it’s ready to get busy and continue working as is. Comes with 2 spare oars as well.

achilles fishing raft

Raft Trailer

The trailer is great and it comes with sweet hub caps. Winch on the front, roller on the back. 2″ ball and flat 4 wiring. Tows like a dream, easy to load and unload as well. I stepped on a cross board and it has a tiny sag on the deck near the tongue. Nothing that effects anything and I can shore it up if desired. I use a tow strap as a harness to load and unload with the winch. Attach to the frame no pressure has every been placed on the D-rings.

Condition and Fishing Notes

The rubber is perfect. No patches and it holds air perfect. I bought this a year ago from an older gentleman who was pretty incredible about keeping it perfect. He stored it in a garage, under a cover and used it less than a dozen times. Original owner too. I put about 40 days on her in the last year. It’s more comfortable than my last drift boat. The hard floors are super lightweight so it doesn’t effect the loading or rowing abilities. Tracks great and is crazy comfortable for anglers. The reason I went this route instead of a drift boat is so I can fish too. It’s less stressful letting a newer rower jump on the oars in easy water.

I am asking 3200 for everything to sell it quickly. Currently located in Reno, NV. I am leaving after the new year so make a move before I’m out the door. You can Contact me here with any questions as well.