campervan conversion framing
The Road

Interior Campervan Framing

Framing up the campervan interior went well. I decided to run storage boxes along the side wall with a divider for the kitchen area. Eventually, that divider will likely hold a few hooks to hang stuff or potentially a spice rack. Overhead there is a cabinet that is mostly framed in. It runs along the length of the interior roof. I am debating if it’ll get faced as a cabinet or act more like a shelf.

Campervan Kitchen Setup

Campervan kitchen framing
Sizing up the space needed before framing.

The kitchen holds a BBQ size propane tank with a hose that runs directly to the stove. I really wanted to mount a horizontal tank where the spare tire sits like they have in Westfalia campervans but they run over 300 bucks and nothing used was turning up in local classifieds.

It also has a 5 gallon water tank with a hand pump faucet and a simple metal bowl for the sink. I actually went with a dog bowl because it has a wide lip and seats nicely. I used the kitchen for the first time recently and it’s really nice and convenient. I love having a big gas tank that will last a long time. The small disposable bottled get pretty old. So does setting up and breaking down the stove everyday. Having instant water is also wonderful. The bowl isn’t huge but it will work for basic dishes and needs. The hand pump sink doesn’t fill up anything in a hurry but it seems to work well and can fill up a basic nalgene in 8-12 pumps..

Campervan kitchen build

campervan stove and sink

I wanted to recess the stove but ended up just setting it on top and strapping it down when not in use. The kitchen and bed were pretty simple as was the upper campervan cabinet framing. Well the base part of the cabinet at least.

I faced everything with 5/8 inch AC plywood and added door hinges for easy access. The doors don’t want to stay closed so I used an adhesive backed square of Velcro on each and it holds great. That stuff is surprisingly strong.

Campervan Bed Framing and Build

campervan bed designNext step was building out the bed (after the van floor was installed) with a convertible couch setup. I’ll do a full post on how the bed system works. The framing was straightforward but the wheel well is an issue for the drawer size.

I copied this idea from a few other vans I found while researching. I built a big drawer that rolls out so the bed can convert from a couch to a comfortable bed setup.

I also framed in and covered the wheel well. I has a little smugglers compartment that will likely catch random things that never get used and sit there for years. That’s more of a personal habit than a flaw in the design. If I take this thing to South America, the hatch may be handy for actual storage of useful items and hiding electronics and valuables. With the framing done, it’s time to build out the bed/couch platform, make some cushions and get everything else working and fine tuned.

campervan bed and couch

This view shows the near final product well. Next is the bed platform and hinges for the couch. The drawer is huge and will definitely keep my clothes and everything organized. Without the drawers, I tend to stuff stuff under the bed and don’t track or organize well.