nevada hunting regulations

Nevada Hunting Regulations

Nevada is the land of big mule deer, elk and antelope. The state is loaded with public access with millions of acres of BLM. Being a resident is a major advantage, especially for limited species like elk and bighorn sheep (desert and California varieties here). There are a mix of units with some offering fair draw odds on deer and others being extremely difficult to draw. You can build points in highly desired units as well.

The Nevada hunting regulations are getting easier to navigate. They have a new licensing system with interactive maps that make it really easy to locate units, view tags along with the number of tags available for each hunt. It makes the whole process very clear and easy to visualize. I’d recommend using the licensing system in conjunction with the draw odds and data available to make educated decisions.

Nevada Hunting License Costs


  • Adult Combo Hunt and Fish – $75
  • Youth Combo Hunt and Fish – $15
  • Adult Hunting – $38
  • Apprentice Hunting – $15
  • Adult Trapping – $40
  • Mule Deer Tag – $30
  • Antelope Tag – $60
  • Bighorn Sheep Tag – $120
  • Elk Tag – $120
  • Mountain Goat – $120
  • Mountain Lion – $29
  • Swan – $10
  • Wild Turkey – $20
  • Black Bear – $100


  • Adult Combo Hunt and Fish – $155
  • Youth Combo hunt and fish – $15
  • Apprentice Hunting – $15
  • 1 Day Upland and Waterfowl – $23
  • Consecutive Day – $8
  • Trapping – $188
  • Mule Deer Tag – $240
  • Restricted Guided Deer Tag – $300
  • Bighorn Sheep – $1200
  • Antelope – $300
  • Elk Tag – $1200
  • Elk incentive tag – $1200
  • Mountain Goat Tag – $1200
  • Mountain Lion Tag – $104
  • Wild Turkey – $50
  • Black Bear – $300

Nevada mule deer hunting applications

Nevada Hunting Application Deadlines

April 17 1st draw, June 26 2nd draw – elk, mule deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goat

Big Game Point Systems – Nevada uses a bonus point system. If you apply for a tag and do not draw, you receive a bonus point. You are required to purchase a license for the bonus point. You can forego the license and still apply but you won’t receive the point. Your points are squared in the draw process. If you have 5 points, you get 25 entries into the drawing. More points means better odds so buy that license and increase your odds each year.

Nevada Hunting Season Dates

The Nevada hunting regulations have a ton of different big game season dates. They differ by unit and hunt. Click the pdf links below to open the regs book or the season specific book.

Nevada Big Game Regulations

Nevada Big Game Seasons

It takes some studying to figure out the dates. The best approach is to start with a map and narrow down your top unit choices. Then move on to the weapon choice and see where the dates land. Most of the seasons have fair lengths giving you time to hunt hard. There are a few short seasons. Archery is the way to go if you want more time in the field.


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