simms dry creek backpack review

Simms Dry Creek Backpack Review

Simms Dry Creek Backpack Review – I spent a good two years looking around for a pack I liked. I’ve gone through several vests, backpacks and hip packs in the last ten years and knew pretty specifically what I wanted. A friend has a Sage backpack that is a great […]

hypalon raft repair

Hypalon Raft Repair Guide and Kits

Hypalon Raft Repair – I own an old Achilles bucket boat and took it down the Smith River in Montana this year. I had picked up a trailer for the boat and it didn’t fit between the wheel wells. I rode it sitting on one wheel well to the river […]

fly fishing book

Fly Fishing Book Giveaway: Grab Your Free Copy

You probably noticed a popup when you first hopped on the site. I’m doing a fly fishing book giveaway with Subsurface Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout. I wrote the book during a blur of non-stop fishing in my mid-twenties. For a few years there, I was guiding around 100 days […]

big hole river montana brown trout
The Road

Montana Fly Fishing Trip: 3 Days of Awesome

Runoff has been a pretty major event around Missoula this year. It’s basically a flood and even the sure bets like Rock Creek are blown. The creeks are still closed and fishing reports from around the state are ominous. That leaves the Missouri and Bighorn for rivers and rubbing elbows […]

old man river alberta
Out There, The Road

Road Trip – Fly Fishing Alberta

Road tripping through Canada and fly fishing Alberta has always been a dream trip for me. The stars aligned last August with an unexpected break between jobs and housing, a thousand dollar van with a makeshift bed and enough smoke filled air in Montana to drive anyone crazy. So I […]

fly tying bench

Netflix and Hulu Picks for Fly Tying Benders

Netflix always releases a bunch of new series in the spring. I love combining fly tying benders with binge watching as I restock my boxes for the season. I’d say about 80-percent of my bugs get tied while binge watching movies and crime dramas in February, March and April. I […]

campervan conversion framing
The Road

Interior Campervan Framing

Framing up the campervan interior went well. I decided to run storage boxes along the side wall with a divider for the kitchen area. Eventually, that divider will likely hold a few hooks to hang stuff or potentially a spice rack. Overhead there is a cabinet that is mostly framed […]

cortland floating fly line reviews

Cortland Floating Fly Line Roundup

I did a much needed overhaul on my deteriorated floating fly lines this spring and added a few Cortland fly lines to the mix. They have some really cool options with general and specialty line models. Trout Boss Fly Line Review I picked this one up in a WF 6. […]

redington id fly reel review

Redington i.D Fly Reel Review

I keep it honest with my reviews. For example, an upcoming wader review will discuss a leak development that should never have happened. When it comes to the Redington i.D fly reel, it’s really all good things. Are there better reels out there? Absolutely. Do they perform well and cost […]