Camper Van Wiring
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Camper Van Conversion – Interior Subfloor

Stripping the interior and building the sub floor and sidewalls was fairly simple. My cuts over the wheel wells were less than accurate but it came together well. If you plan on doing this in an Astro or Safari Van, I recommend having a grinder with a metal cutting wheel. […]

fly fishing rock creek montana

Fly Fishing Photography – Taking Selfies

I really dislike the term selfie. Sounds like something out of a teenagers mouth but the glove does fit. I used to take the occasional self photo of fish on my Pentax waterproof point and shoot. It involved a self timer and some guesswork to take photos that rarely worked […]

north umpqua river spey fishing
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Oregon Road Trip – North Umpqua River

It’s March in Montana and I’m thinking about how I should’ve spent more time on the North Umpqua in January. The sun has barely shown itself here and the last couple of weeks were brutally cold. Like below zero kind of cold. Too cold to be productive on the water. […]

fly fishing pyramid lake
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A Return to Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake

I used to fish Pyramid Lake a fair amount when I was bouncing between Reno and Colorado. I haven’t really been back since they reintroduced the native Pilot Peak strain but the photos of 20 lb plus fish are incredible. One of my most memorable days on the water happened […]

fly rod rack
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Building an Interior Fly Rod Roof Rack

Building a fly rod roof rack is a critical feature. I’ve been keeping rigged rods on the interior and placing them on the roof when sleeping. If I’m sleeping in an urban environment, I have to either break them down or sleep near them, risking damage if I roll onto […]

camper van roof
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Safari Van Conversion 1.0 – Interior Ceiling

I’ve been thinking about the van a good bit, mostly plotting and making plans that I don’t really know how to sketch on paper. I walked outside to look at the interior and ended up pulling the carpet off the current camper van ceiling. It came down pretty easy, no […]