tennessee fishing regulations and license fees

Tennessee Fishing Regulations and License Fees

The Tennessee fishing regulations have a single set of limits for the entire state. The state has some special regulation waters but overall it’s a very straightforward and easy to understand set of limits. The license fees differ between residents and nonresidents with daily and annual options.

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Tennessee Fishing License Costs

Angling License Fees Resident Nonresident
Resident Annual Hunting and Fishing $34.00 —-
Junior Hunt Fish and Trap $10.00
County of Residence Fishing $10.00
One Day Fishing $6.50 NA
Annual Trout $22.00 $
One Day Fishing – All Species $11.50 $
South Holston Lake Permit $22.00 —-
Sportsman $166.00 —-
Permanent Senior Citizen – Hunt/Fish/Trap $50.00 —-
Permanent Sport Fishing for the Blind $10.00 —-
Permanent Wheelchair Hunting and Fishing $10.00 —-
Permanent DAV Hunting and Fishing $10.00 —-
Permanent Mentally Challenged $10.00 —-
Annual Fishing – No Trout $50.00
Three Day Fishing – No Trout $20.50
Three Day Fishing – All Species $40.50
Ten Day Fishing – No Trout $30.50
Ten Day Fishing – All Species $61.50
Annual Fishing – All Species $99.00

The hunting and fishing licenses go on sale February 18 each year, the beginning of prime fishing, and are valid until the last day of February the following year. Most licenses, except the Lifetime Sportsman License and specialty licenses, such as Wheelchair, Disabled Veteran, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and Blind Fishing licenses, are available from most county clerks, sporting goods stores, hardware stores, boat docks, online, and from all TWRA offices. Hunting and fishing license sales and federal excise taxes comprise almost 100 percent of the TWRA’s operating funds. Thank you for buying a hunting and fishing license. Without your support, Tennessee would not have the abundance of fish and wildlife that we all enjoy.

Tennessee Fishing Regulations and General Limits

Species Daily Limits
Trout 7
Lake Trout 2
Black Bass (includes largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, Alabama and coosa) 5
Crappie (min. 10 inches) 15
Striped Bass (min 15 inches) 2
White Bass 15
Muskellunge (min 36 inches) 1
Walleye (min 16 inches) 5

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