Alaska hunting regulations

Alaska Hunting Regulations Overview

Alaska is a giant bucket list state with massive expanses of wilderness and roadless areas that supply serious hunters with opportunities for big game. The most difficult aspect of Alaska hunting for non-residents is choosing a region and breaking down the opportunities. Residents face the same dilemma but at least they have a home base and can work outward from there.

If you are in the research phase, start with the desired species then work backwards through your budget while combing the regs and regional guides. You can catch a flight, rent a car and hunt by road or do a true wilderness trip with a bush plane drop-off. Float style hunts or working large bodies of water with a motorized boat are also great ways to travel and experience an Alaska hunt.

Species of Interest and Highlights – Moose, Dall Sheep, Blacktail Deer, Grizzly and brown bear, black bear, caribou, mountain goat, elk, muskox, bison, wolf, waterfowl, ptarmigan, spruce grouse, small game. Moose, caribou, brown/grizzly bear and Dall Sheep are among the most popular options here but there is no shortage of opportunity to combine multiple species on hunts.

Alaska Hunting License Prices


  • Annual Hunt and Fish Combo – $69
  • Annual fishing, hunting and trapping – $94
  • Annual hunting – $45
  • Annual trapping – $25
  • Annual low income fishing, hunting and trapping – $5
  • Annual hunting for the blind – $45
  • State Waterfowl Stamp – $10


  • Annual hunt and fish – $305
  • Annual hunt and 1-day fishing – $185
  • Annual Hunt and 3-day fishing – $205
  • Annual hunt and 7-day fishing – $230
  • Annual hunting and 14-day fishing – $265
  • Annual hunting – $160
  • Annual hunting and trapping – $405
  • Annual small game hunting – $60
  • Waterfowl Stamp – $10

Nonresident Military:

  • Annual hunt and fish – $69
  • Annual hunting – $45
  • Annual state waterfowl – $5

Alaska Big Game Tag Fees


  • Brown/Grizzly Bear – $25
  • Bull Muskox – $500
  • Cow Muskox – $25


  • Brown/Grizzly Bear (guide is required) – $1000
  • Black Bear – $450
  • Bison – $900
  • Caribou – $650
  • Deer – $300
  • Elk – $600
  • Goat (guide is required) – $600
  • Moose – $800
  • Muskox – $2200 bull/cow, check permit requirements
  • Sheep (guide required) – $850
  • Wolf – $60
  • Wolverine – $350

Additional fees exist for nonresident aliens. Check the fee schedule for those here –

Application Dates – Alaska hunting and fishing licenses run on Jan 1 calendar year. Put in for special draw tags November through Mid-December. Tags are drawn in February. The hunting regulatory year begins in July.

Alaska Hunting Regions

Region 1 – Southeast, Game Management Units 1-5:

Dense forests and steep mountains represent this area well. Known for blacktail deer and black bears along with shots at moose, some very remote and rare elk herds and goats.

Region 2 – Southcentral, Game Management Units 6, 7, 11, 13-16

Kenai, Kodiak, record brown and grizzly bears, black bears, moose, wolf, Dall sheep, caribou. Mild to cold weather during hunting season. Prepare for everything from heat and mosquitoes to snow. Big river valleys, alpine and sub-alpine terrain.

Region 3 – Southwest, Game Management Units 8-10, 17

Wind and cold dominate the southwest. Bring your best gear and expect varied terrain. Expansive views, mountain ranges and long coastlines. Brown bear, caribou, moose, blacktail and waterfowl hunting.

Region 4 – Interior, Game Management Units 12, 19-21, 24, 25

Conditions vary as does the terrain. Dense forests, big river valleys, mountain ranges, alpine and sub alpine experiences. Moose, Dall sheep, caribou, grizzly/brown bear, black bear, wolf, mountain goat.

Region 5 – Western, Game Management Units 18 and 22

More of a west central zone with the western coast and the town of Nome. There’s a 3 bear bag limit on black bears in both units and some opportunities for Muskox as well. Caribou and Moose are the primary non-predator targets.

Region 6 – Artic, Game Management Units 23 and 26

The far northern units offer opportunities for black and brown bear, wolves and wolverines. Caribou moose and muskox for big game. Emperor Goose are also a species of interest here.

The complete list of Alaska Hunting Regulations and GMU’s are listed here –

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