Hunting Regulations

Hunting Regulations for 50 States

We have tediously compiled the hunting regulations and license fees for all 50 states. We also have the fishing regulations in a separate section and fishing regulation for individual rivers. For each state you will find:

Overview – General info about the state as a whole, access, etc.

Species of Interest and Highlights – The meat and potatoes. What and where you want to focus.

License Fees – Resident and nonresident fee schedules.

Application Dates – Don’t miss those deadlines. Get your applications submitted with plenty of time to spare.

Point Systems – These are complex and often difficult to dissect and access through state sites. We give the basic breakdown so it makes sense without costing you loads of time and effort.

General Regulation Info – Basic limits, species opportunities and limitations.

Here’s the link to each state’s hunting regulations:

Alabama – Loaded with deer, turkey and opportunities for alligator, feral swine, waterfowl, upland and plenty of small game.

Alaska – The big game hunters paradise with more wilderness, predators and opportunity than anywhere in the United States. Residents have incredible opportunities and there are plenty of ways for non-residents to capitalize here.

Arizona – A sleeper state with a target rich environment and tons of public land opportunities.

Arkansas – Rich with hunting history and culture, Arkansas is loaded with big and small game species.

California – Experience a diverse range of ecosystems with unique hunts for big game, small game and birds.

Colorado – Known for the high elk populations and steep terrain but there’s plenty more than the elk here.

Connecticut – Deer, turkey, small game alongside some great fishing here as well.

Delaware – Waterfowl in the gap and turkey/deer as well.

Florida – Full of native and invasive species to target in environments ranging from coastal to inland forests. Florida has some really cool hunting options.

Georgia – Some great upland and waterfowl hunting along with deer and turkey.

Hawaii – Not just for surfing and beach lounging. Hawaii has liberal seasons and species to target. Highly recommend for hunters looking to capitalize on multiple species in a single trip. Also combines well with a bigger vacation picture.

Idaho – Big game, birds and amazing rivers in this western state. Idaho is a sportsman’s paradise with a well managed system for both residents and non-residents.

Illinois – Classic whitetail state with a number of other hunts available. If you’re looking for a shot at record-book racks, consider this state.

Indiana – Another classic whitetail state with great turkey hunting, waterfowl and small game. Good public access and private lease options.

Iowa – Right in the heart of the midwest with ag lands and trophy deer. Iowa is a friendly state that consistently produces.

Kansas – Similar to Iowa, a great place for big whitetails. Also some incredible pheasant hunting.

Kentucky – Growing elk numbers present a unique draw hunt. Plenty of deer, birds and a small game hunters paradise.

Louisiana – A sportsman’s state with year-round fishing and hunting. Some residents still live off the land here.

Maine – Way up north there are moose, deer and a number of other options for hunters. Maine is both beautiful and wild.

Maryland – Primarily deer, turkey and migratory birds.

Massachusetts – Deer, turkey, bear, other predators and some great bird hunting as well.

Michigan – Diverse terrain, great fishing in the great lakes ecosystem, grouse galore and great deer hunting.

Minnesota – Moose, bear, deer, grouse and other bird hunting. Minnesota is a hunter’s state with good access and wild country.

Mississippi – Southern paradise with tons of game and country to explore. Deer, small game, long seasons, birds, birds and more birds.

Missouri – Midwestern gem with high deer densities, public access, consistent trophy quality and simple regulations.

Montana – Longest big game seasons in the west. Tons of public land, general units and a great mix of big game, predators, birds, small game and fishing at every turn.

Nebraska – Hunting in Nebraska is great for muleys, whitetails, turkey, upland and waterfowl. Elk, antelope and bighorn sheep populations add to the fun if you can draw here.

Nevada – If you’re after once in a lifetime trophy quality for big game, Nevada has that and more. The majority of this state is public land with loads of BLM and forest service access. There’s so much more to this state than Las Vegas.

New Hampshire – Great hunting for big bucks, small game and gobblers. A fair amount of public land access as well.

New Jersey –

New Mexico – Monster elk, some great wilderness, remote mountains, big pronghorn and good non-resident draw systems. There’s a little bit of everything here.

New York – BIG whitetails, beautiful hardwoods and everything you wouldn’t expect within hours of NYC. New York is ripe with small towns and cool hunts.

North Carolina –

North Dakota – Pheasants and deer dominate the landscape here. Ag lands are prolific.

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon – High deserts, dense rainforest, huge river valleys, big game, heavy migratory bird traffic and hunts for both residents and non-residents.

Pennsylvania –

Rhode Island –

South Dakota – A good mix of public and private lands. Whitetail and mule deer. Birds and small game.

Tennessee – Definitely a deer and turkey state with a great mix of mountains, agriculture and varying terrain.

Texas – Local deer, exotics, massive ranches, lease systems

Utah – Similar to Nevada for trophy potential with limited opportunities. Plan carefully, build your points and bring your best game.

Vermont –

Virginia –

Washington – There are some sneaky OTC hunts, great flyways and remote places like the Olympic Peninsula.

West Virginia –

Wisconsin –

Wyoming – Enjoy an open landscape, pronghorn everywhere, wilderness areas, public lands and low populations densities.