fishing regulations

Fishing Regulations and License Costs

We have compiled the general fishing regulations and license fee schedules for all 50 states. You can also find river specific regulations for each river in the individual floater guides. We try to update the charts each new license year but you may find some outdated info as states make sudden changes to the regulations. Always default to the state sites when you are unsure. We also offer PDF fishing regulation downloads for states that make them available. Look for the booklets on each state page.

Our state fishing regulation pages typically include the following:

  • General catch and keep limits for each species
  • License info and fee schedules
  • Regional breakups for keep limits when appropriate
  • Special regulations that should be included. Anything river specific is found in the floater guides

Alabama –

Alaska – An angler’s dream with some of the best fishing in the world. Off shore and inland opportunities for a ton of species including the countries most prolific salmon fisheries.

ArizonaTrout fishing at Lee’s Ferry, remote mountain streams and desert oasis zones with carp and bass.

Arkansas – Some great warm water and cold water fisheries exist here. Some of the largest brown trout alive are caught in Arkansas every year as well.

California – The state has diverse fisheries with world class trout, steelhead, salmon, warmwater fisheries, striped bass and off shore fishing.

Colorado – A mountain state known for great trout fishing. Colorado also has some awesome pike, warm water fisheries, lake trout and other exciting fisheries. The scenery is often spectacular here as well.

Connecticut –

Delaware –

Florida –

Georgia –

Hawaii –

Idaho – Home to great trout, bass, pike, steelhead, salmon and a lot of other cool options. Idaho is a sportman’s paradise.

Illinois –

Indiana –

Iowa –

Kansas –

Kentucky –

Louisiana –

Maine – Great brook trout fishing inland and offshore fishing for stripers and other species in the Atlantic.

Maryland –

Massachusetts –

Michigan –

Minnesota –

Mississippi –

Missouri –

Montana – Famous for trout and full of other species. Pike, carp, paddlefish in the eastern zone, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, lake trout and the list goes on. Montana has it all and plenty of hunting to go along with the fishing.

Nebraska –

NevadaThis is not just a desert. Where there’s water, you will find fish. And some big ones too. Pyramid Lake holds the world’s largest cutthroat trout, Lake Mead is loaded with unique fish and there is a ton of water between the state lines. You might have to drive a ways between each one but the effort is worth it here.

New Hampshire –

New Jersey –

New MexicoThe famous San Juan river trout fishery is a good starting point. There are mountain streams, a few cold water rivers and some fantastic warm water fisheries.

New York –

North Carolina –

North Dakota –

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon – Steelhead, trout and salmon are heavily pursued throughout Oregon.

Pennsylvania – Trout, pike, muskie and species rich environments are available in PA.

Rhode Island –

South Dakota –

TennesseeTailwater trout fisheries and excellent bass fishing is part of Tennessee culture.

Texas – Whether you’re casting to world class smallmouth on the Brazos or poling over redfish flats, Texas has some cool fishing spots.

Utah – The trout fisheries are phenomenal and you will find great lake trout, bass and carp.

Vermont –

Virginia –

Washington – Anadramous steelhead and salmon account for a large number of angler days in Washington. Trout and warmwater opportunities are abundant throughout the state as well.

West Virginia –

Wisconsin – Trout in the driftless area, muskie and big northern pike are popular here.

Wyoming – Rural and remote waters full of cold water and great fishing are scattered across the state. There’s no shortage of trout and pronghorn in Wyoming.