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First Month of #Vanlife

Holy crap that went fast. It feels like a week or two at most but a full month has passed since I jumped into the van full-time. And it’s been a crazy busy month on the work front and the fishing front. The best thing about working remote and from […]

campervan conversion framing
The Road

Interior Campervan Framing

Framing up the campervan interior went well. I decided to run storage boxes along the side wall with a divider for the kitchen area. Eventually, that divider will likely hold a few hooks to hang stuff or potentially a spice rack. Overhead there is a cabinet that is mostly framed […]

campervan flooring install
The Road

Campervan Flooring Install

Installing the campervan flooring was fairly easy. I had a smooth, level surface to set the stick on floor tiles. The sub-floor is 7/16 OSB and the only issues were a few protruding screw heads and the area around the wheel well where I didn’t have a totally accurate cut […]