camp chef rainier camper's combo stove review

Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo Stove Review

Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo Stove Review – There are essentially two similar product options that you see on their website for this stove. One has the griddle only and the combo version has the griddle and grill. I think it’s worth noting because the price difference is minimal and having the grill has been worth every penny. Seriously, get the combo so you have the grill option.

I picked this up after permanently installing my old Coleman 2-burner in my camper van. I still wanted a good stove for river trips and outdoor use. I also really like the idea of having a grill and griddle. So far, this stove has been on a several multi-day river trips, a week long road-trip to Utah and a handful of weekend camp trips.

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The grill top is awesome for meat. Just like having a propane BBQ.

First Impressions – It looks good. Really good actually. I love the carry case as well. It keeps everything safe and protected and makes it really easy to strap the stove to my boat with an NRS strap. Then it’s not bouncing around, not taking up cargo space and is really easy to access. Everything is well constructed, attractive and simple to figure out.

Usability and Performance – The moving parts are really simple. It has a flat top griddle that is perfect for eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. We even used it to make cookies. The burner is ideal for coffee and saute pans. The grill handles meat just like a BBQ. It easily has space for 3-4 large steaks at a time. It also has a grease catch that slides out after, making cleanup really easy. Wiping down the griddle and grill after cooking is also much easier than cleaning pans in my opinion.

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Durability – So far, it’s great. I haven’t dropped it off any cliffs but everything is put together nicely and I don’t see any parts that want to break loose. I think this thing will last for a very long time. I have a friend who’s been beating his up on river trips for years as well. It works flawlessly. Oddly enough, his igniter actually works better than mine. It takes a few tries so maybe mine will get better with age. As with any BBQ or stove, I expect the igniter to fail at some point and simply carry a lighter.

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That’s all I have for this Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo review. It’s a really nice stove and the perfect option for car camping, river trips and it would even work nicely at home if you needed more grill space or an emergency option.