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6 Money Saving Fly Fishing Hacks

Fly fishing isn’t exactly cheap. The sport has become more affordable on the rod and reel end of things but the day to day costs add up. If you’re like me, cutting corners is a necessity to keep gas in the tank for the next trip. Here are a few […]

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Fly Fishing Patagonia – Southern Chile Roadtrip

About a month from now, I’ll be crossing the Mexico border with at least a year of road-tripping ahead through Central and South America. I have no idea what’s coming and the entire intent of this trip is exploration. If I see water that looks good, I’m stringing up a […]

fly fishing raft for sale

Fly Fishing Raft for Sale

I have an awesome fly fishing raft for sale. While I’m sad about selling this boat, I am traveling the Pan American highway for the next year or two and am taking along a small, portable raft to explore the rivers in Central and South America. The raft is a […]

smoking venison hind quarter

Smoking Venison – Whole Hind Quarter

I finally tried smoking venison by doing an entire hind quarter, on the bone. I had this mule deer and only about 6 weeks of layover in Reno before hitting the road full-time for over a year. I already gave away a full hind quarter to a friend in Montana […]

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Montana Mule Deer Hunt

I found the downside to living in a van on a Montana mule deer hunt. Actually, the van itself proved to be an incredible hunting rig. I bounced around the state, hitting multiple units where I hiked and watched whitetails, mule deer and elk. I passed on deer that I […]

arb awning review

ARB Awning Review for Camper Vans

I will have a video of this ARB Awning review soon. The ARB Awning is one of the best purchases I have made and it’s an excellent addition to the van. I went with the 2000×2000 4×4 accessory awning for my GMC Safari van and ordered off Amazon. As a […]

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The Last Camping Table You Will Ever Need

Camping tables are one of those weird things that are typically so over-engineered, they are destined to fail. When you shed weight but add moving parts and hinges, it simply doesn’t work. So there are two essential types of camp tables in my opinion. There’s the classic folding table that […]

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First Month of #Vanlife

Holy crap that went fast. It feels like a week or two at most but a full month has passed since I jumped into the van full-time. And it’s been a crazy busy month on the work front and the fishing front. The best thing about working remote and from […]