camping table

The Last Camping Table You Will Ever Need

Camping tables are one of those weird things that are typically so over-engineered, they are destined to fail. When you shed weight but add moving parts and hinges, it simply doesn’t work. So there are two essential types of camp tables in my opinion. There’s the classic folding table that […]

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Out There, The Road

First Month of #Vanlife

Holy crap that went fast. It feels like a week or two at most but a full month has passed since I jumped into the van full-time. And it’s been a crazy busy month on the work front and the fishing front. The best thing about working remote and from […]

Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Out There

TRCP Media Summit Recap

Recently, I had the opportunity to join the TRCP at their annual media summit. I’ve been an avid follower and supporter of the organization for the past 7 years or so and would argue that the TRCP and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are two of the most influential conservation groups […]

camp chef rainier camper's combo stove review

Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo Stove Review

Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo Stove Review – There are essentially two similar product options that you see on their website for this stove. One has the griddle only and the combo version has the griddle and grill. I think it’s worth noting because the price difference is minimal and having […]

simms riprap sandal review

Simms RipRap Wading Sandals Review

Simms RipRap Wading Sandals Review – I’m glad I didn’t review these in the first couple of weeks. I actually quit wearing them for a month because they just didn’t fit right. It was also the dead of winter and snow on the ground may have contributed a bit. I […]

cortland compact sink line

Cortland Compact Sink Fly Line Review

The Cortland Compact Sink fly line has quickly become a favorite in my trout arsenal. I’ve been fishing this line for about 3-months now in a variety of different scenarios and conditions. I fished it while wading in a few Montana rivers, from moving rafts and in a lake environment […]

camping breakfast burrito recipe
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Easy Camping Breakfast Burrito Recipe

I’m not a fan of camp dishes, especially in the morning. Making this camping breakfast burrito recipe in advance is the easy and makes your morning meal quick and easy. Dishes after dinner are not a big deal when you are winding down for the evening but breakfast is another […]