fly tying bench

Netflix and Hulu Picks for Fly Tying Benders

Netflix always releases a bunch of new series in the spring. I love combining fly tying benders with binge watching as I restock my boxes for the season. I’d say about 80-percent of my bugs get tied while binge watching movies and crime dramas in February, March and April. I don’t have a tv but propping my phone up behind the vise works well. Here are my top picks for the fly tying desk:

  1. Jessica Jones (Netflix) – Easy to follow the plot without pulling too much focus away from the vise. Good action and dialogue. The first season was solid, hopefully the second doesn’t disappoint. If it does, you’ll still have plenty of flies tied.
  2. Fishing with Ladin (Hulu) – I came across this series recently and it’s awesome. These guys are funny and clearly have a good time fishing. It’s not top shelf cinematography or overly romanticized which is a nice change of pace. Overall, a fun fishing show with great locations and some nice fish caught.
  3. Sneaky Pete (Hulu) – Another solid Hulu choice. There are now 2 seasons of this show and both are good although I prefer the first. Solid cast and it holds a good plot without too much character fatigue.
  4. Meateater (Netflix and Hulu?) – Steve Rinella is the man. It’s nice to find such a genuine voice in hunting. His show takes you a variety of hunts where he share some exciting moments along with introspective and intimate moments. I’m hooked and the show is easy to binge watch while still focusing on your bugs.
  5. AP Bio (Hulu) – I was on the fence for the first couple of episodes. The comedy seemed pretty generic and forced but after those first few the character development really elevated the show. If you don’t love it at first, push through a few episodes and see what happens.
  6. Key and Peele (Hulu) – 5 seasons and they crush in everyone. These guys are hilarious and their skits will make it hard not to laugh. It’s the perfect mix of comedy with fresh views and a diverse lineup of skits. You can fill a year of fly boxes on this show alone.